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Albatross Action is an organization that is striving to make the world a better place by insisting more on renewable energy usage and providing services to make homes and buildings eco-friendly and energy efficient.

Go G·R·E·E·N and Recycle

It is important that we change many procedures that are eco-friendly and recycle as much as possible.

Who We Are?

We are a bunch of people who care about the world, nature, the people and the animals living in it. It is necessary that we should take necessary steps today to ensure a safe tomorrow and this exactly what we are trying to do.

Our Services

Here is the list of services that we are providing.

Alternative Fuel Vehicles

Automobiles is definitely one of the biggest contributors to air pollution. Using alternative fuels has a very positive impact on nature by reducing air pollution.


One of the most efficient forms of energy that is very eco-friendly.

Energy Efficiency

It is mandatory that any form of energy that is used should be used to its optimum levels.


Wind energy is one of the most underused forms of energy. Better results can be achieved if they used to optimum levels.

Latest Updates
The Role Of Plastic In Renewable Energy

The Role Of Plastic In Renewable Energy

Well, the first question to pop in your minds will undoubtedly be this – Plastic? Beneficial to the environment?! How’s that even possible! But people, it’s happening – and plastic will soon be playing a significant role in renewable energy sources. Eager to know how? Read on!

  1. Solar cells:
    If you carefully observe solar panels, you’ll easily notice that quite a lot of its components are already made up of plastic. Plastic may not play a major or direct role in the generation of solar energy, but hey how will the entire mechanism work if it doesn’t have the essential plastic components without which the functioning of the solar panel would be questionable? And it doesn’t end here – as per researchers, plastic may soon be an essential part of the solar cells itself! What could be better than this? Creating photovoltaic energy from the plastic could be the perfect solution to the woes our generation is facing owing to the menace caused by plastic. Hope this technology comes in soon!
  2. Wind energy:
    Fans are an essential part for the generation of wind energy – and again, these fans are made of nothing but plastic. Lightweight plastic is used to produce the blades of these fans, to improve their efficiency and to get the maximum out of the windmill. Immense research was directed towards finding the perfect material to manufacture effective plastic blades and ultimately, plastic surpassed all the tests! Lighter the blades, better the energy generated – and that’s where plastic ticked all the boxes, to become the only material to be used to manufacture the blades of these turbines.

3.Best out of waste:
Plastic has innumerable uses when recycled to its optimum. The best part about plastic is that it Can be easily moulded into something brand new – making it the most flexible reusable material around. Also, the variety that can be obtained from re-using plastic is just fantastic! There are a lot of organizations out there who are making the most out of plastic and trying to minimize the negative impact that plastic has on the environment. These organizations have a dedicated workforce that work towards creating extremely useful products from mere plastic waste.

Plastic is definitely a major issue faced by the environment – but what is best is that the world is becoming more environmentally conscious and is taking steps and efforts towards converting this otherwise non-decomposable material into something worthwhile!

Hear From Our Customers

If you want to make your homes eco-friendly and energy efficient then Albatross Action is a perfect choice.