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Real Estate and Energy Efficiency

It is very common for individuals to be interested in bettering our world and environment. A lot of the effective ways of making a difference are often expensive. However, these days, energy is more expensive, building regulations are stricter, and we are moving toward an age when wasting energy will simply become unaffordable. When it comes to Real Estate, the way the structure is built, made, and functions can affect how it uses energy. The real estate value may be worth more if it is more energy-efficient.



Simply put, the way your home is actually built can affect its energy efficiency. Codes have been improved and mandated to enforce this on builders and homeowners. There are certifications available so that you know your home has met the criteria. Having a home that is energy-efficient not only ensures that you are not wasting energy but that you are not wasting money as well.  It is also valuable information because if you have the certificate of approval than your home is more appealing and therefore worth more in the real estate market.



Another item that adds value to your home, and also helps the environment, are renewables. The most common and accessible renewable is solar power. There are many companies out there that focus on adding this renewable source of energy to homes. Solar panel roofs are all the rage. Some companies have worked with customers by offering incentives to get people to switch. An example of this is offering to pay for the install or offering discounts or carry-over energy. Some offer hybrid energy, you can check with the electricity suppliers in your area to see what offers they may have.



Besides the structure and bare bones of your real estate, you can look at the inside and add value through energy efficiency that way. Big energy eaters and wasters are appliances. If you switch out an old appliance for an energy-efficient upgrade than you are immediately adding value to your home. It is a fact that old refrigerators, washers, dryers, hot water heaters waste a lot of energy and therefore money. By making this change you are able to add value to your home and money to your wallet.


Doors and Windows

Heating and cooling your home costs a lot of money. If you don’t have the proper windows or doors to insulate your home than you are just letting it all fly out the window (literally!). These upgrades can be costly but so can the wasted energy. With time, old windows and doors can get drafty. This means they are literally not secure and let air in and out of the home. Though it is pricey, you can make a large return on your home sale if you have these upgrades done for your new buyers.



Many homeowners don’t realize how much energy lighting can eat up. It can be even worse if you don’t use energy-efficient light bulbs. By using energy-efficient lights than you aren’t wasting away the energy as you have them burning through the night.


Energy-efficient upgrades not only help quality of life with making life a little easier but they also help save energy thus helping your pocketbook.